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Custom Copper, Metal, Zinc Roofing Design And Installation

Roof Lines East Inc. specializes in copper roofing installation in Ontario. Our professional roofing contractors in Toronto work with the latest metal roofing techniques on new projects and on listed buildings to construct stylish and traditional roofs.

Decorative Metal

Give your house that added elegant look with various decorative copper, metal and zinc designs! We pride ourselves with creating various decorative dormers, bay windows and cupolas made of copper, zinc or metal.

Metal Roofing Oakville, Toronto

Since 1996 Roof Lines East Inc. has pioneered advances in the architectural metal industry installing custom copper, metal and zinc roofing.

Copper Dome Roofing Oakville Toronto

Energy Efficient Copper Roofing

Many conventional roofing materials absorb energy from the sun and as a result heat up the space below. But metal, on the other hand, reflects most of the sun’s rays. Also at the day’s end, metal cools more quickly and so as a result the attic space remains cooler,